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Mackies plastic baskets for storage and transport of quality baked products
Plastic Baskets and Dollies
 Plastic Basket  ___________________  Plastic Basket  ___________________
Stock No. UBH/N
Exterior - 694 x 604
Interior - 662 x 578
Inside Depth - 127
Overall Depth - 152
Colour - Grey
Mackies plastic basket UBH/N Stock No. IH997
Exterior - 709 x 458
Interior - 674 x 420
Inside Depth - 85
Overall Depth - 105
Colour - Grey
Mackies plastic basket IH997
 Basket Transport Dollies ___________
To suit all basket styles
Stock No. BTD/1, BTD/2
- Single Stack, Double Stack
- 102ø polypropylene
Capacity - Recommended stacking height is 20 per side
- Mild steel
- silver spray painted
Mackies basket dollies BTD/1 & BTD/2    
Terms & Conditions of Trade
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All dimensions are in millimetres unless otherwise specified. ®Mackies registered trademark.